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Alona Beach Bohol

Alona Beach is probably the most known and the most beautiful tourist beach in Bohol. Strictly speaking, it is located on Panglao Island, which is connected by two bridges to the main island of Bohol.

On Alona Beach, there are numerous resort facilities, dive centers, restaurants, souvenir shops and everything else a tourist beach needs. But be aware: There are only a few ATM Machines near Alona Beach.

Alona Beach on Bohol Island, Bohol
View of Alona Beach, Panglao Island, Bohol


Access to most hotels on the beach is by a parallel street. At the beach itself, there is only a walkway, so no cars or other traffic or disturbing noises. The only noises you may hear on the beach are the sea breeze, the waves and bars and restaurants of course.

During the daytime you may also hear the noise of dive compressors, which fills the tanks for the numerous Dive Centers on the beach.

Beach Resort at Alona Beach, Bohol
Henan Resort at Alona Beach Bohol

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Getting There

From the Ferry Port in Tagbilaran or Tagbilaran Airport, it's about a 20 km or 15 Minutes Taxi ride to Alona Beach. If you don't have a pickup service from your hotel, take a Meter Taxi or, if you don't have too much luggage one if the motor caps that wait near the exit of the pier or at the airport.

The fare to Alona Beach from Tagbilaran should not exceed 300,- Peso for a Tricycle or 650,- Peso for a Taxi (long distance ride: Meter x 2). Negotiate the price first, before entering the taxi. Don't pay too much. Getting back to town from Alona Beach, you may walk up the small hill in the middle of the beach and take a Jeepney for a few Peso or wait for a Taxi or Tricycle.

Motorbikes for Rent

Near the beach, you will be offered some Motorbikes for Rent of different Types but usually for too much money. For a 125cc Honda you will easily pay up to 800,- Peso only from morning to evening. Make sure you have an international drivers licence, if you want to rent a motorbike here. The owners may sometimes require it but sometimes not. If you run into a police control and you don't have a licence, you might be in trouble.

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