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Bohol Airport

The new New Bohol International Airport on the offshore island of Panglao, near Alona Beach, has been in operation since November 28, 2018. One day before, on 27 November 2018, the new airport was officially opened by President Duterte.

The new airport replaces the old Tagbilaran City Airport, where it has become increasingly difficult to handle the many passengers. Especially after international flights were added and the much too small terminal also had to accommodate customs and immigration.

Currently (December 2018), there are about 8 daily flights connecting Bohol to Manila, which are offered by various Philippine airlines.

The old Tagbilaran City Airport
Picture still shows the old Tagbilaran City Airport

In addition, there are now flights from Bohol to Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Angeles City and the neighboring island of Cebu and of course back again.

Every morning at 6:15 am, PAL Express's only ever international flight from Seoul lands. More international flights will follow the opening of the new international airport soon, I guess.

The New Bohol International Airport

For example, connections to Singapore (Scoot) Kuala Lumpur (Air Aisia) or perhaps even Hong Kong could be conceivable. At the moment I do not expect that there will be any direct flight connections to Europe or the US as they are in Cebu.

However, a few years ago I would never have thought that this airport would ever be built. I had described that earlier here, too. Unfortunately due to the new location of the New Bohol International Airport anybody living on Bohol itself will now have to travel for another 15 km by taxi to the new airport. But for the tourists from Alona Beach, it is now much easier and faster to get to the airport.

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