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Bohol Waterfalls

There are several waterfalls and springs on Bohol that are worth a visit as well as inviting to a refreshing dip. One of the most famous waterfalls, which is also easily accessible, is the Mag-Aso waterfall near the town of Antequera.

You can easily reach it from Alona Beach or other places by a rented scooter. It is located about 20 km out of Tagbilaran in direction on Loon, Calape and Tubigon.

The Mag Aso Waterfall, Bohol

Getting There

You have to drive about 10 km from Tagbilaran in the direction of Loon, Calape or Tubigon. After 10 km turn right and follow the signs to the city of Antequera.

In Antequera turn right behind the church and follow the small road for about 1.2 km to the Mag Aso Falls.

At the entrance you need to pay only 20 Peso admission. Then it goes down over a long staircase into a deep gorge.
The waterfall can already be heard but not seen. Once at the bottom a 10-meter-high waterfall spills across a broad front into a naturally eroded sandstone basin. The whole scenario is covered by a high canopy of overhanging trees.

The water is pleasantly cool with about 20 ° C and invites you to a refreshing bath. You can easily spend 1 to 2 hours before you go home.

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