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Cabilao Island

The small island of Cabilao is located just in front of Bohol's north coast, about 30 km from Tagbilaran along the costal road to Calape and Tubigon.

Cabilao is linked by boat to Sandingan Island, which in turn is connected to Bohol by a bridge.

The boat trip to Cabilao takes only about 15 Minutes and costs only about 20,- Peso. The boats will leave when they have 7 passengers together.

Cabilao Island, Bohol Philippines
Beach View on Cabilao Island at La Estrella Beach Resort & Dive Center

Diving in Cabilao:

Cabilao is a true Diver's Paradise! The Island is surrounded by a coral reef that falls steeply down to about 50 meters. There are two Dive Centers in Cabilao, the Cabilao Dive Center in the La Estrella Resort and the Polaris Dive Center at Polaris Dive Resort right next to it. Both resorts are located at the Cebu facing side of the Island, which is more beautiful.

Cabilao Dive Center, Bohol

During daytime you may also see several dive boats from Alona Beach or even Cebu in front of the resorts because their "House Reef" and nearby "Lighthouse" are two of the best dive spots around.

Other Dive Sites at Cabilao are: South Point (spectacular drop off), Fallen Tree, Gorgonian Wall and Cambaces. All dive sites are very good with a rich marine life an good visibility up to 30 meters.

Getting there:

A first view of Cabilao you can get when you arrive in Bohol from Cebu via one of the fast Ferries, About 15 minutes before arriving in Tagbilaran the boats passing through the channel between Cabilao and Sandingan Island. On your left is Sandingan, right is Cabilao.

After arriving in Tagbilaran by boat or plane, you should spent about 700,- Peso for a taxi, that takes you direct to the small pier on Sandingan Island, from there, the small out trigger boats will take you in only 15 minutes to Cabilao. Option: for about 300,- Peso, the same boats will take you on a "private trip" directly to the resorts on the other side of Cabilao.)

From Tagbilaran however, you could also take a Jeepney to Loon and Sandingan which costs only about 50,- Peso, but its not a very pleasant trip: From the pier or airport take a tricycle (10 peso) to "Marcella Mall", opposite you find the "bus station" (Cogon Market) where the Jeepneys depart for Loon and Sandingan.

After arriving on Cabilao by boat, you have to walk up a short but steep walkway and take a motorbike taxi for 50,- Peso, that brings you to the resorts on the other side of the island.

If you have booked with one of the resorts, you can also arrange a pickup either in Sandingan or even from Cebu Airport. They will bring you then by taxi to Agoho in Cebu and transfer you from there directly to the resort.

Tours from Cabilao:

The Island is very small, so on the island itself you can only take a walk around and visit some of the small villages on the island and the saltwater like in the middle.
The resorts however, organize tours to the Chocolate Hills and a River Tour with Lunch Buffet at a river near by, which is very nice. All other tours on Bohol are also possible on request but cause a little more fussiness.

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