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The Chocolate Hills on Bohol

The Chocolate Hills are probably the most famous tourist destination in Bohol. They are located near the town of Carmen which is about 50 km out of Tagbilaran. A stopover at the Chocolate Hills is usually included in any of the Bohol- Round Trips which you can book at the many booking offices at Alona Beach.

The Chocolate Hills consist of hundreds of cone-shaped hills, which extend over a wide plateau. In summer, when the grasses with which they are covered in turn into a brown color, they look like chocolate kisses, hence the name "Chocolate Hills".

The Chocolate Hills near Carmen on Bohol Island

There are two places you can visit to get a good view of the hills. These are among the "Chocolate Hills Complex" in Carmen town and at the Sagbayan Peak which is more "on the other side of the island" and closer to other destinations on Bohol like Cabilao Island, Calape or Tubigon.

One of the biggest of these Chocolate Hills near Carmen has been turned into a tourist spot, including a viewing platform, a restaurant, a small hotel and a souvenir shop. The viewing platform allows a fantastic view over the other Chocolate Hills and the valleys of Bohol. Entrance Fee here is 50,- Peso.

The other viewing point at the Sagbayan Peek also provides a small "Disney Land" for the Kids and a Water Park with some slides and pools. Entrance Fee here is only 20,- Peso and 50,- Peso for the Water Park.

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