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Pangangan Island, Bohol

Pangangan is practically the neighboring island of Cabilao and Sandingan and is also in their sight. To get there, you must take the road out of Tagbilaran, about 35 km to the small town of of Calape.

At the end of the town you have to turn left from the main road and follow a small road over a dam with mangroves on your left and right, for 4 km before you arrive on the island. The picture on the right shows the junction on the outskirts of Calape.

Pangangan Island

Pangangan has a rocky coastline with no real beaches. Only at a few places you can find a bit of sand between the rocks. The water is also very shallow and not suited for swimming, unless you walk out all the way to the reef into deeper water.

There are a hand full of small resort for tourists on the island, mostly set up for local tourists during the weekends and public holidays. The resorts will also organize some sightseeing tours for you if you wish.

Diving in Pangangan:

The island has a nice reef that goes almost around the whole island and there are only a very few divers ever dived there. So it's more or less an untouched reef. Furthermore, one of the best dive sites around Bohol, Cabilao Island, is just a short boat trip away.

You can find dive centers on Pangangan Island at the Isla Hayahay Resort and at Rene's Diver Lounge Resort.

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