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SCUBA Diving on Bohol

Scuba diving is probably the main activity for most tourists in the Philippines and therefore, also in Bohol.

At all tourist places that belong to Bohol like the Alona Beach, Balicasag, Cabilao or in the area of Anda on the south side of Bohol, there are numerous diving schools, managed by people from all over the world.

They are mostly run by Germans or Swiss, followed by Koreans, Japanese and Filipinos, of course.

Lion Fish, seen while diving on Bohol Philippines
Diving Bohol: Lion Fish

By far the most diving centers you will find along Alona Beach. On my last visit I counted about 15 dive centers on the approximately 1 km long stretch of the beach. By 2015 there are even equipment retailers and Dive Shops were you may have your regulator seviced or buy some spare parts or even a new regulator, BCD or other diving equipment.

Prices for Diving:

For a dive to the nearby dive sites, with a full set of equipment you will have to pay from about 20 US$ upwards. If you want to book a package of 10 dives or so don't forget to ask for a discount.

From Alona Beach dives can be done straight from the beach or at some dive sites which are just around the corner of Alona Beach. Day trips with two or three dives will go to Cabilao or Balicasag Island.

Some dive centers also offer an up to three day Dive Safari, where they will take you to some dive spots further away such as Camiguin Island, Siquijor or Apo Island.

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