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Transportation on Bohol

When we are talking about transportation on Bohol, we are talking about plenty of old and rotten Jeepneys and self made buses that handle the long distance transportation on Bohol. There are only very few air conditioned buses on the island and some of that may even be reserved for tourist round trips.

If this was not enough trouble, the Jeepneys and buses only start their journey when they are completely over packed, to maximize the profit for the company.

Most of the time, you will find yourself squeezed between dozens of Filipinos, chickens and some other cargo of the passengers for an hour or so if you have to go, let's say from Tagbilaran to Tubigon or Jagna.

A good option would be the air conditioned vans, which travel the same routes as the busses and Jeepneys. Trip cost is about three times as much, compared to the Jeepneys.

This "vans" are usually build for about ten or eleven people. In the Philippines however, they don't go before they are not filled up with 18(!) passengers.

Modern Jeepney on Bohol Island

But as a foreigner, you always have the option to simply buy two or three tickets and you will have a whole bench for yourself.

Jeepneys and busses going from Tagbilaran to Maribojoc, Loon, Calape and Tubigon (North side of the island) will start from Kogon Market, opposite the Marcella Super Market. Trip cost for a Trip to Loon (25 Km) by Jeepney or old bus would be only 25,- Peso. Going to Tubigon would be 60,- Peso (60 Km)

Jeepneys going along the south side of the island to Baclayon, Carmen and Jagna all start from Dao Terminal, located at the Island City Mall and a little outside the city center.

Vans always start at the Dao Terminal to all directions.

For short distances within the city of Tagbilaran and also in other small towns on the island you might have to take a Tricycle or motor bike taxi, which cost only a few Peso per trip.

In Tagbilaran City you will also find Metered Taxis, usually at the three shopping Centers and Supermarkets: Marcella, BQ Mall and ICM. For long distance trips, outside of Tagbilaran however, you have to pay twice the meter price. To give you an idea of the price, you will end up with about 20,- Peso per Kilometer.

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