Biometric passport for 10 years: how to register in 2023?

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

The wait for the resumption of applications by the competent authorities was long and alarming for someone – after all, a new type of passport is a priority for applicants: 75% of all citizens’ requests for a foreign passport are for biometric passports. The interest is primarily due to the doubled shelf life of the biometric passport in comparison with the usual one, as well as the equipment with a higher degree of protection of the owner’s personal data.

Great news: finally, the registration of biometrics has officially resumed! The holiday season is gaining momentum, there is less and less time to get a new generation passport. How do I get the coveted document in time and avoid delays? Experts share their expert advice

  1. Registration of a foreign passport at the place of residence

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

Statistics of the service’s customer requests throughout the suspension of applications for biometrics, it confirms the high interest in ten-year-old passports. The applicants perked up after hearing the long-awaited news about the resumption of work. It can be assumed that there will be quite a lot of people who want to get a new passport, and the load on the territorial migration departments that receive, process and issue documents will increase significantly. Therefore, the experts of the service recommend, firstly, to test the ground before applying for a passport at the place of residence or stay for queues for the delivery of biometric data; secondly, to take care of the immaculacy of filling out the questionnaire and the correct selection of documents for the dossier. The most important thing to take into account before submitting documents yourself is the timing of registration of a foreign passport at the district office. As practice shows, high demand and technical innovations increase the likelihood of increasing the time for issuing documents, so you need to have a decent amount of time before using the passport for its intended purpose.


  1. Useful tips for the successful registration of a new type of passport

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

Before collecting documents for a foreign passport, you must be sure that your departure from the country is not restricted for any reason. If you do not have and did not have security clearance forms, did not work or live outside Russia, are not a person of military age without reasons for postponing conscription, do not have criminal records, debts to the state, if everything is clean in the biography, we proceed to collect documents and fill out a questionnaire for a foreign passport.

The application form contains 15 points with questions about personal data. The questionnaire on public services also consists of stages with questions that need to be answered correctly in order to successfully pass the initial verification of the application and proceed to the registration for filing documents. The experience of professionals shows where you can stumble, thereby increasing the time and energy required to obtain a passport.

  • You need to remember all the full names for a lifetime and enter information about the change in the questionnaire.
  • The place of birth must be specified strictly according to the passport of the Russian Federation.
  • Points about the addresses of the place of residence and stay ― first you need to make sure that you are registered at the address that appears in the passport (yes, there are discrepancies in the data for various reasons), fill in all the boxes correctly.
  • Enter information about all existing valid international passports that have not expired and that have not been canceled at the Ministry of Internal Affairs
  • In chronological order, indicate all official activities that have been carried out over the past 10 years. This includes work, study, including at school, activity as an individual entrepreneur, work under GPH contracts, service in the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation, serving sentences in the IC. The names of places of work and other things must be indicated correctly, officially, and the addresses must be real. If you have not worked in the Russian Federation, specify the address by registration, lived outside the country ― specify the address of residence abroad.

Be extremely careful, and you will be able to avoid mistakes and submit documents the first time.

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?


We are ready to offer you expert assistance in filling out the application form for a new or old passport. The cost of the service is 990 rubles. For registration, it is enough to go to the office or send scans of documents by mail

  1. Or maybe it’s still old?

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

The population of the country has a choice ― along with a new generation passport, you can also issue an old-style passport for 5 years. The legal force of both types of passports is the same (although it is worth noting that in some countries there are internal rules according to which entry of Russians is possible only by biometrics). New generation passports were introduced in 2005. They contain an electronic media of information about their owner. In 2013, in Moscow, the Moscow region, St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region, the degree of enhanced document protection was increased by introducing an additional parameter ― scanning two fingers of a citizen’s hands. Since 2015, this technology has been used everywhere.

When choosing the type of passport, the service’s customers prefer biometric ones, because in addition to the content of personal data in electronic form (simplification /acceleration of the border control procedure), the main advantage of such a document is the validity period of 10 years ― twice the validity of a regular passport. There are also more pages in the new passport. Registration of a biometric passport allows you to minimize the efforts associated with the direct procedure of registration of the document (I made a new generation passport, and ride for 10 years).

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

If earlier the structures involved in the design and production process were familiar with the specifics of manufacturing new passports, now, after a 4-month suspension of the processes, probably every resident of the country knows 1 more difference between the passports of the old and new samples. Namely, the actual period of readiness. If you apply for an old-style passport, the risks of delays in exit will be eliminated for reasons related to printing the electronic page of the bio-passport on Goznak, with delivery and clearing (removing the special code). The old passport is issued after approval of all checks, it is printed in the migration department itself, respectively, it is easier and faster to get it. If the deadline is a determining factor for you, think about which type of passport to choose.

  1. Qualified assistance

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?


The process of making a passport is always accompanied by energy costs of applicants, as well as the influence of external factors beyond the control of citizens. ― a service of high-quality assistance in obtaining international passports. We help citizens of all ages, with or without registration in any region of Russia. We have dozens of satisfied customers who have time to relax and work abroad every year. There is a service for urgent registration of a foreign passport. We are part of the Travelmart team. By becoming our client, you get a reliable assistant in organizing personal and business trips around Russia and the world ― we help with the registration of visas, insurance, select tours, flights, train tickets, book hotels, organize events, send students to different countries of the world and organize online training in prestigious schools and universities around the world. Ask for the services of professionals if:

  1. The passport is needed urgently.
  2. There is a queue for submitting documents in the territorial migration department.
  3. You doubt the correctness of the preparation of the application and the set of documents.
  4. Cherish your time, save your energy.
  5. You are looking for a reliable partner who will give you a guarantee of obtaining a passport on time.

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

Stages of obtaining a foreign passport:

  • Get professional advice and an individual forecast on time,
  • submit documents in the office or online,
  • sign a contract,
  • make payment in a convenient way,
  • visit the Ministry of Internal Affairs to register an application (record on the next day),
  • receive information about the readiness of the passport,
  • receive the document from the Ministry of Internal Affairs on time according to the contract.

Individual manager, constant monitoring, personal discounts on tours, visas, tickets — it’s all with us, on

Биометрический загранпаспорт на 10 лет: как оформить в 2023 году?

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